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Our Steps to Success

The funds needed to open and operate The Stay In Step SCI Recovery Center will be raised in three stages.

Phase 1: Raise $10,000 to cover initial costs to form the corporation, establish the charitable foundation, obtain 501(c)(3) status, finalize the  business plan, develop the web site and online fundraising portals and to handle administrative costs involved with forming our Board of Advisors. To help us fund Step One, click here (ADD LINK)

Phase 2: Raise $750,000 to fully fund, open and operate The Stay In Step SCI Recovery Center.  In addition to hard equipment costs of approximately $150,000 for rehabilitation and exercise equipment, the funds will allow for the rental of sufficient space to house the facility, and to hire a licensed Physical Therapist, three trainers and two aides. To help us fund Step Two, click here (ADD LINK)

Phase 3: Ongoing fundraising through our web site and other means to establish a fund for patients who do not have insurance to cover the cost of their rehabilitation, as well as other charitable needs related to the foundation’s mission.