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Welcome to Stay In Step

We are a veteran-founded and operated organization that provides long-term rehabilitation to veterans and civilians suffering from a spinal cord and/or traumatic brain injury, stroke, or any other neurological disorder resulting in paralysis in the Greater Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

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The Annual Gala Celebration

Our Annual Gala celebration is our single greatest opportunity to raise awareness and the yearly funds that sustain our program. Held every September, the night is meant to highlight the achievements of our amazing clients, acknowledge the tireless efforts of our staff and recognize the contributions that others have made to support our program.

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Here at Stay In Step, we utilize new age equipment and progressive therapeutic techniques to create individualized treatment plans for all our clients. We have a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy on our staff that meets with all new clients to conduct initial evaluations and determine a treatment plan that best fits your needs, goals and level of functionality.

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Our Supplemental Fund

The Jesse Karn’s Supplemental Program has been established to provide financial assistance to Individuals who are suffering and living with a catastrophic spinal cord and or brain injury. This supplemental fund is to assist qualified individuals towards their long term rehabilitation program. We offer clients the opportunity to have the ability to afford to pay for the rehab they receive here at Stay In Step. We also offer supplemental funds that work along with some health Insurances if available.

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Volunteer at Stay In Step

We offer internships to students seeking a degree in healthcare, including PTA, OTA, Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, PT, OT, and Sports and Fitness. Our approach to SCI recovery provides students with insight into a specialized form of therapy, broadening their knowledge and gaining valuable work experience in the field.

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