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Troy J Smith Ability Games

The Ability Games is an inspiring event created by Stay In Step, in collaboration with Troy J Smith, a dedicated Navy veteran committed to supporting the community. The inaugural Ability Games took place in 2017 and has since grown into a significant annual event.

The primary aim of the Ability Games is to highlight the determination and resilience of individuals recovering from or living with spinal cord injuries. It serves as a platform for these athletes to showcase their strengths and abilities. Typically held in the Fall, the Ability Games are hosted at a local gym, allowing participants to engage in adaptive workouts specifically designed for their needs.

One unique aspect of the Ability Games is the inclusion of able-bodied athletes, who are invited to compete in wheelchair activities. This integration allows them to experience firsthand the challenges and realities of living with a disability. By participating in adaptive sports, these athletes gain a greater understanding of the physical and emotional demands faced by individuals with spinal cord injuries.

The organizers of the Ability Games actively encourage spectators to attend the event and support the competing teams. Their presence and enthusiasm create a vibrant atmosphere and provide valuable encouragement to the athletes.

If you are interested in participating, becoming a sponsor, or donating, please click the link below:

2023 Ability Games

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By getting involved, you can contribute to the success of the Ability Games and help promote inclusivity, understanding, and support for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

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