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The Stay in Step Caregiver Community Program – Coming Soon

The mission of the Stay In Step Caregiver Community Program is to provide caregivers the tools, resources, and support necessary not only to facilitate their effectiveness as caregivers, but to take care of themselves in the process. The Program has five pillars:

  1. Education – to provide caregivers with educational tools to help improve their caregiving skills and give better quality of life to their loved ones.
  2. Self-Care – to provide insight from experts and other caregivers on how to take an active role in preserving the caregiver’s own mental, emotional, and physical health to promote well-being and happiness.
  3. Family – to provide opportunities to engage the entire family in fun, family-friendly experiences to promote balance and relaxation and to create positive, family memories.
  4. Social – to provide social activities to help caregivers stay motivated and connected, to improve their health and well-being, and to build and maintain new relationships with others who understand their situation.
  5. Retreats – to provide opportunities for caregivers to focus on themselves for a more extended period of time, allowing the caregiver to unplug from the daily routine, catch up with friends, connect with nature, and, of course, have some fun!

The goal of the Caregiver Community Program is to connect with caregivers early in their caregiving journey, providing a place to gain valuable information from experts and other caregivers, all while being enveloped in a community of caring, support, wellness, and HOPE.



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